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"Making the decision to go with Aspen Personnel Services was definitely the right one! Both Jodi AND Melissa were with me during the job search process every step of the way. They were on my team from day one and rooting for me! You could tell that they were committed to find the right job for me."
Leslie Larson, Marketing Coordinator

"Prior to moving to Spokane I reached out to Aspen Personnel Service and submitted by resume - somewhat by mistake since I have not used a recruiter before (I've had two jobs in the last 31 years). I was pleasantly surprised when my mistake turned into a great position with a great company. Jodi's insights into the market, into the companies and types businesses Aspen supports, was extremely helpful and led me to focus on a position I otherwise had passed over several times in my job search. Jodi sensed where my strengths were, and was able to deconstruct the posted position to reach an understanding that I would be an excellent fit, and she was correct. The people, the work, the leadership - an all around great experience and if you are a professional looking to maximize your search for a position in the Spokane area, you will do well by contacting Aspen and having them on your team."

- Brad Shaffer

I'm so grateful for Aspen Personnel! I have tried other recruiting companies, but never hear from them after my initial interview.
Jodi and Britt always kept in touch with me and called me when there was an opportunity. Though there were a couple interviews that I went on and I never got hired for, they always considered me for the next opportunity. They never gave up on me. I finally found a full time career with benefits. They are very professional and so easy to work with.  I highly recommend Aspen Personnel so they can help find a career path for you.

- Kristina 

"Finding employment through Aspen Personnel has been a great experience. Jodi and her staff have been so professional and easy to work with in helping me. Through their efforts, I was quickly employed at Allwest Testing. Thanks again to the staff for an amazing experience."

- Debbie Alexander, Administrative Assistant

"My experience with Aspen Personnel was excellent. The customer service, communication and collaboration were very positive. I was pleased to interact with all aspects of their organization. They were very professional, open to listening and understanding as well as very thoughtful. While it doesn't seem to be the norm anymore, they do seem to take an "old school" approach to interacting with their candidates.."
Gabriel Guzman, HR Director 

"I highly recommend Aspen Personnel!  They were very quick and professional during the initial interview and matched me up to a terrific job opportunity right away.  It matched my skill set perfectly and I was hired within days! They also kept in touch with me during and after the interview process and was very helpful and encouraging.  I will be recommending  Aspen Personnel to anyone I know seeking work."
Suzanne Wilbur, Office Assistant

"I just got what I hope to be my dream job through Aspen Personnel! Melissa and Jody were great to work with in every aspect from getting set up with them to follow up. Jody makes sure you will succeed and helps you with that process. I would definitely recommend Aspen Personnel to anyone who is serious about finding a great job!."
Erin Mclin, Office Administrator

"It took only a couple weeks for Jodi to find me my current employer. They were extremely professional and really supported me with their client. I would highly recommend them when looking for employment!"
- Deanna Matney, Office Manager
Aspen Personnel Services was so on top of it! My recruiter was so efficient and she matched me to my wonderful job in record time. I would recommend that anyone that is serious about finding a quality job to go through Aspen.
- Bethany Adame, Admin Assistant, Liberty Escrow

“Aspen Personnel Service has an excellent staff; pleasant and professional. They did a great job of presenting ONLY job opportunities that were a perfect fit for me.

I was also impressed that Aspen Personnel Service was there for me after I was hired.  I could call on them with questions or concerns and they would follow up with me to make sure I was happy.
I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to find a long-term career position.”

-Sharmi Layne, Office Manager, Inland Industrial and Rigging

“I’ve worked with Jodi and Aspen Personnel Service for over ten years as both a job seeker and as an employer seeking the perfect fit.  Jodi and her staff always get it right.”

-Dotty Sworde, Executive Assistant, Bouten Construction
“I have had nothing but positive experiences working with Aspen Personnel Service, Inc.
In fact, I have referred many of my friends to Aspen.  While I was working toward my paralegal degree, Aspen Personnel Service helped me get my first job in an office environment.
When I was nearly done with school, they helped me begin my career in a law office.  Five years ago, Aspen Personnel Service also helped me secure the position I am still at today.”
-Lisa Pratt
“What makes Aspen Personnel Service so unique is the time they take to really get to know businesses and their needs. Our account executive dug deep, asking detailed questions about just what kind of person we needed and then, she found exactly the right fit for us.  The time saved in reviewing applications from newspaper ads and especially getting pre-qualified people from Aspen Personnel made our hiring experience.”
-David Brown, CFO, Land Expressions

"Aspen Personnel Service is a class act organization. I was unemployed for several months and Aspen continued to send me opportunities. They finally found me the right fit! Jodi, Heather and the entire staff are wonderful to work with. I would recommend them to any professional seeking employment. They make the process so much easier!"
Julie Vetter, Bankrupcy Paralegal. Legal Assistant

"We have placed two candidates in our office that we found through Aspen, both employees have proved to be a great fit and we are very happy with the professional and friendly service that Aspen has provided."
- Christina LaFleur, EZ Loader

Working with Aspen Personnel Services has been wonderful!  Jodi and her staff provide excellent customer service!  When I am in need of a candidate they send me qualified folks to interview.  It is such a  time saver not having to post the position and review dozens of resumes.  Aspen Personnel makes my job easier!  Thank you!.”
- Robbie Jackson,  Winston & Cashatt

“I have been in my current position for 20 years thanks to Aspen Personnel Service.
They listened to my needs and placed me in an organization that was right for me.”  

-Linda Roller, Account Manager, Cochrane & Company

"Aspen Personnel is the way to go! I had a fantastic experience with them and Heather was awesome and very supportive! I had never worked with a personnel service before and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a job or new career path! Incredibly helpful in my search for a job! I was offered a position less than a week! Thank you Heather and Aspen Personnel Services!"
-Lori McDonnel, Candidate